Weighing it up…

I’m very excited to have just received my new digital scales, sad old nanna that I am! For far too long I’ve been grappling with a set of scales you had to tap constantly to try and get an accurate reading and the more you tapped, the more variations you got to the weight.

I made some carrot and courgette muffins last week with Sun in an attempt to get some of his 5 a day into him and when I had to weigh out 20g of grated courgette I nearly broke a sweat trying to do it. Needless to say, the muffins didn’t turn out well and I was headed straight to Amazon on a mission to end the scale nightmare.

We made biscuits this morning and the new scales got their test run. I’m in love! I want to bake again tomorrow just so I can weigh things. Pressing that reset to zero button is addictive as I hurled ingredient upon ingredient.

I think these scales are going to be life changing kitchen equipment as my microfine grater has been. Yes, there can be no hiding from it now that it’s published on t’internet, I am excited by kitchen gadgets. Does this make me a sad, boring person? Nah, it makes me a better cook!

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