When I older

I am loving listening to Sun express himself using speech at the moment. He is a smidgen over 2 and a half and comes out with the funniest things and I dearly want to remember them all and know that I won’t. Already it seems as if he has always spoken the way he does now when I know he comes on in leaps and bounds at the moment. So, for the record, I want to note a few things he said this morning.

“Mummy, when my fingernails grow up I am going to eat them”.

He’s currently calling his toenails his fingernails despite me correcting him endlessly! I know there’ll be a day the penny drops and he’ll start calling them toenails…and that will be a sad day.


He used to say “when I older” instead of “when I grow up”, which is only something that he’s cracked in the past week or so. I’m going to miss ‘when I older…’.

He used to say ‘toh’ instead of ‘hot’, and ‘ca’ was cat and car.

He’s discovered that chewing nails – fingers or toes – is good. Oh dear. I hope he hasn’t picked this up from seeing me chew my nails but the reality is that he probably has. When you have this tiny baby in front of you, as Shine is now, you pray and hope that you will be able to teach them life’s lessons well and save them from repeating your own mistakes and taking on your own bad habits but the truth is they watch you, and you are their role model, whether you like it or not.

The other thing Sun said that made me smile was when I asked him if he wanted blueberries for breakfast. He replied, “No mummy, I don’t like blueberries, they’re boring”.

It’s the first hint that the word ‘boring’ has entered his vocabulary. Oh no! I’m dreading when he begins to frequently use the phrase ‘I’m bored’ as I remember all too well saying this to my mother. If he does though I’m ready with my replies: ‘Only boring people get bored’…and while I live in London I can say, ‘A man who’s bored of London is bored of life’.

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