Sunshine and raindrops



What a difference a year makes. This time last year I was busy making lists and preparing to travel to Sardinia to meet up with some of my closest friends in the world for a week by the sea. We had the most fabulous time catching up, sitting by the pool chatting and watching Sun splash around in the pool.

It was nourishment for the soul as I tried to draw a line in the sand and move on from the recent painful loss of a much wanted pregnancy. Little did I know that just weeks later we would conceive Shine and that it would be our last summer holiday as a family of 3.

Now here I sit a year down the track and great puddles collect on the rooftop outside my kitchen window. The miserable weather matches my mood as Bird is away for a few days and so I’m without my daily sanity check, left to parent alone.

No summer holidays planned for this year. As Bird recently said, ‘no, no big holiday in the sun, but we do have a baby instead’. And she’s busy wriggling away on the bed next to me wanting me to clasp her tiny hands in mine so she can sleep.

Meanwhile, I can sit here and be thankful for what I have and I can dream about when we will get to take Shine to meet the ocean. I hope the ocean can be as cathartic for her as it is for me.

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