Three little birds

Shine is 4 months old now and I’ve cracked the daytime sleeps and self settling, which is like a holy grail in my sleepland. I really wanted to be able to give her a cuddle, put her in her cot and have her peacefully drift off to sleep with no sleep battles and no tears and I feel like we’re there!



Sun didn’t sleep in his cot for naps until he was 12 months old and I was always so envious of those babies who could self settle. With Sun running about the place it became clear that I was going to have to get Shine to sleep in her cot instead of in the sling on me so she could get the sleep she needed, I could walk around for 5 minutes without a baby attached to me, and Sun could get to spend some time with me where I could focus just on him.

If Shine needs extra comfort we break out the big guns: Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds. She loves it and it settles her without fail. Thanks Bob!

I know some might read this and think it’s no big deal that my baby falls asleep in her cot happily but for me it’s huge and when the early months of motherhood are so difficult I think I’m going to pat myself on the back for this one.

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