The first cut

Sun had his first haircut today! Yes, he’s 3 months shy of his 3rd birthday and he has only now really needed to have his locks chopped. He was such a bald baby it seemed like he would never grow hair.

7 months old...still bald!

Watching him hop up into the chair and have his hair snipped off caused a lump to form in my throat. His fine, wispy hair fell to the floor and he was transformed before my eyes. He lost his baby face long ago but today he emerged from the hairdressers very much an independent toddler. A little boy.

He’s growing up, and now his new look reflects his evolving personality. He’s very busy being a defiant and super sweet and back-chatting and enchanting toddler. Whilst we waited for his turn he sat back on a big leather couch, his shoes not even reaching the end of the cushion, reading a book. He looked so small on the couch but so grown up flipping through the pages of a Dr Who book.

It’s these kind of moments that make me step back, take a deep breathe and appreciate the now because he may be mightily difficult at times but he’s only ever going to be 2 once.



2 responses to “The first cut

  1. I doesn’t seem long ago that my son Ozzy had his 1st hair cut! In reality it was 6 months ago when he turned 2, we loved his long hair but it was wispy and looked a bit odd! Since he had it cut it’s grown back lovely and thick ! Now it’s long again – think I’ll leave it that way now over winter – extra insulation under his hat !
    Gorgeous photos! Love the Eiffel Tower shot too ! Funny how a haircut makes them suddenly seem like ‘big boys’ !

    • My first comment! Thanks! I’m ridiculously excited to think someone else is reading my random witterings. And not only that but it’s you, Mammasaurus. I’m a bit starstruck. I love your blog and it was one that inspired me to start my own. Looking forward to joining your Love New Blogs site too. Thanks for inspiring newbies like me.

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