In the name of education | Lemon Drizzle Cake

We made lemon drizzle cake this morning. I use this recipe and you can not go wrong with it, even with a little helper who likes to stir more than is probably required.

I love cooking with Sun. I get to award myself some Good Mother points as Sun is learning new skills in the kitchen. And I get to eat cake. What could be a better activity? And of course Sun loves to lick the bowl.

bowl licking

Mmm Mmm Mmm

Sun is going through a really fussy eating stage at the moment so I figure the more I get him involved in the kitchen, the better. The boy would be a fruitarian if he could be. He would eat fruit all day every day if I let him but place a vegetable in front of him and he cowers.

While we were making the cake he asked for a lemon to eat so I obliged. Who am I to stop him eating something healthy?! It gets weirder though. He had just cracked the eggs into a bowl and had fun breaking up the shell. I turned to wash my hands and turned back to find him munching away on raw egg and egg shell (I know, salmonella alert). “It’s really crunchy Mummy, yummy”, he exclaimed. This from the boy who won’t eat a lovingly made, delicious lasagne. Oh dear.

eating lemon


2 responses to “In the name of education | Lemon Drizzle Cake

  1. He sounds really sweet.

    I think at that age, food is as much about texture as it is about taste, hence the egg shell tasting.

    You are sure he is not a dino?

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