In the sticks

The past couple of weeks when we go to the playground, the slide and swings hold little attraction for Sun. It’s all about the sticks. From twigs to massive branches, if they are there then Sun will hunt them down and run around waving them about in a dangerous manner. I spend my time swiftly following him, Shine bobbing along in the sling, urging him to be careful. In fact, ‘be careful’ is definitely my most used phrase these days. Hmmm, think that’s telling me something right there.

My forays into the world of child behaviour tell me he is simply displaying a trajectory schema. I much prefer this to the thought that he is developing a penchant for violence at an early age!

So in order for me to help him follow his schema I took him to the woods near our house this week and let him spend a couple of hours collecting up sticks to his heart’s content. He was in stick heaven and I was happy there were no other little people to protect from potential stick injuries.

He swished and swept the ground with little twigs pretending to mow the lawn and clean the streets. He swung round big sticks pretending they were tennis rackets and golf clubs. He made big piles and pretended to have bon fires and toast marshmallows. It was brilliant. All the while Shine and I looked on bemused and cheering him forward to create more and more scenarios.

Being a child is so much fun and play is so important. Can’t wait to see what schema takes Sun’s fancy next. Hope it is a little less dangerous in its manifestation though!

boy with stick

Very busy doing important stick work


4 responses to “In the sticks

  1. The Bug is exactly the same. He was all pink and dolls and kitties (he has an older sister) but the minute he went to nursery it was I hate girls and pink. And the sticks! We constantly have a pile of them outside the front door. If he finds one that looks vaguely like a gun he brandishes it at everyone, even complete strangers, with a very effective pichewwww! He calls it his shooter shocker 3000. I have no idea where he got that from. If he is cross with our decisions he ‘shoots’ us. And he is such a sweet gentle boy underneath it. I am shocked at where he has gone and who this replacement is! I am no longer the parent that raises eyebrows at other boys behaviour. They raise eyebrows at me!! I hope it will all calm down soon, and in the meantime, if I can let him in a field on his own with sticks, maybe he can satisfy the urge!

  2. My 3yr old Bean is all about the crunchy leaves at the moment, which is a bit of a shame as I am all about the ‘mind out you don’t jump in dog pooh’!

    Sticks are great fun, oh the joys of endlessly whacking ferns in the woods! As a child I always used to destroy anything in my way with a gnarly stick – and now I cringe as others look on at my children wielding sticks when we are out and about in the woods.

    Fighting hard to resist the good old motherly saying of ‘You could have someone’s eye out with that’ !

  3. How this made me smile and nod in recognition. All 3 of my boys have loved sticks, indeed still do love sticks. Small blonde currently has a collection in our porch as he ‘just can’t go to school without one’ and even tall blonde is still happy to run through woods with a stick. And the names! I currently have to walk home from school most days carrying ‘bone crusher’ and occasionally ‘leg slasher’ . Small blonde is a gentle, art loving boy who just loves a stick. Long may it continue

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