Time for a joke

After writing about my miscarriage for the Mumsnet campaign (you can read it here) I am in need of some light relief.

This pic of Sun I took this week has me smiling every time I see it. He is such a nonky sometimes!

Do these suit me Mummy?


Sun has also this week begun telling jokes. These are his first two:

Sun: Why did the spaceship go to the planets?
Me: Why?
Sun: Because he was hungry.

Sun: Knock knock
Me: who’s there?
Sun: Olive oil
Me: Olive oil who?
Sun: laughs hysterically

Hmmmm. Maybe I just don’t get them?!

2 responses to “Time for a joke

  1. Great photo and I have to admit I did chuckle at the jokes…I remember making jokes up to tell my parents when I was little too !

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