Wot so Funee? Week 3

Wot So Funee?

This week’s funee is one that I’m sure is not original, other children must have made the same mistake, but it did make me laugh!

The other day we met up with a good friend of ours who is currently pregnant. On the way home we were talking about our friend and Sun asked if she had a baby at home. Since I had Shine he often thinks everyone has a baby. I said no, but that she is going to have a baby soon. He asked where the baby is. You can see where this is going I’m sure. I replied, without much thought, ‘in her tummy’.

All went silent. I looked at Sun and he look horrified. ‘Mummy, did she eat a baby?’, he said.

Now go visit Actually Mummy and read this week’s other funees. They will make you laugh!

5 responses to “Wot so Funee? Week 3

  1. Love it! GG is a bit further on and had heard that babies start with an egg. ‘Yes’ I said, ‘you’re absolutely right!’. GG goes: ‘so, do you eat the egg?’
    Ohhhh, where do I begin…..?

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