Wot so Funee? Week 4

Wot So Funee?


I was reminded of this week’s funee after reading Mammasaurus’ hilarious post today, which was all about boobies and how funny they can be. Jokes involving breasts, penises, vaginas, poo and wee always get a laugh in our household. Childish, us? Never!

A few months ago, as Shine’s due date was approaching, I decided to get the lady garden trimmed and in tiptop shape, as I knew it would be the last chance for a good many months weeks to tend to the area. It had been quite some time between appointments, shall we say, and clearly children’s memories are very short.

I had the full shebang, a Hollywood or Brazilian or some such exotic place. The next morning as I was showering, Sun came into the bathroom for a chat. We were talking away when I finished showering and pulled the curtain back to get out. He stopped mid-sentence and I saw him clock the new, sparkly fanjo then look up at me very concerned.

“Mummy, Mummy, where’s your ‘gina? It’s not there anywhere!”, he exclaimed.

To read more, possibly embarrassing, but very funny tales, visit Actually Mummy and check out this week’s Wot so Funee?

8 responses to “Wot so Funee? Week 4

  1. Oh My God! That’s embarassing! I can’t believe you put that out there for us all to read! You and Mammasaurus are certainly confident girls – LOL! Brilliant – thanks so much for erm, sharing 😉

    • I may have lost perspective on what’s TMI and what isn’t! I blame spending too much time with new mothers where discussing your pelvic floor over coffee is quite normal. Mental note: Must check with a third party next time before I overshare 🙂

  2. Bahahahahaaa! As one who ‘tends to that area’ (that’s polite chat for shave) in front of my 3 year old I am rather used to the ‘mummy your bits are spikey today’ type of comments!
    I feel your pain!

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