Wot so Funee? Week 6

Wot So Funee?

The past week we’ve been talking a lot about employment. Sun wants to know the employment status, job title and job description of every person we know, and some we don’t. He stops just shy of asking about salary and remuneration benefits.

So I asked him if he wants to get a job and he replied, “no Mummy, I can’t work, I’m not allowed to touch your pooter!”

Ah, well if that’s all that is holding him back I’ll be sure to get him his own for Christmas so he can start bringing in some money.

Has your child made you laugh this week? Head over to Actually Mummy and join in with her brilliant meme, Wot so Funee?

5 responses to “Wot so Funee? Week 6

  1. Love that he calls it a pooter! Bet he’d make an ace blogger! Thanks for joining in today 🙂

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