Marking Momentous Milestones

Over the last 10 days my babies have smashed their way through 4 milestones between them. It won’t really be of any interest to anyone else but I want to note them down so I remember. My memory is less and less reliable and I haven’t put them in the Red Book, shame on me! So if you’ve read one too many posts about other children’s development then this will bore you to tears so click away now. I won’t be offended.

A Tooth! A Tooth!

Shine got her first tooth. A sharp little pointy corner poked its way up, bottom right of centre, a couple of days ago. Without too much fanfare either. Sun was a drool monster before his teeth came through. He would embarass me by drooling little puddles onto the floor by the checkouts while I was waiting to pay, or drooling onto other children’s heads while I held him at playgroup. Shine has been much more stoic and much neater. I just need to remember now not to let her use my finger as a teething ring anymore. Ouch.

And she sits!

After looking like she’d never be able to do it, Shine went from floppy, chin-touching-the-floor position when I sat her up, to a master of sitting, in the space of about 24 hours. I find it funny that when you are just a teeny bit removed from the exact point of child-rearing when sitting starts to occur and someone tells you, ‘little Johnny is sitting up now’, you think, ‘wow, amazing, so what!’. When it’s actually happening in front of you though it does seem remarkable and you’re so proud. Parenting is a mysterious beast.

And she eats!

Yes, Shine is munching away on real, proper food. With the very cheesy mantra in mind, ‘Food under 1 is just for fun’, she is still knocking back the milk too but actual bits of food are now going where they should. Favourites to date are bagels, bacon and butternut squash. She’s currently showing no interest in yoghurt or cheese, leading me to question if she can actually be my child.

While he amazes…

Determined not to be upstaged by his baby sister, Sun has taken it upon himself to divert some attention his way by toilet training himself in the space of a few days. I had heard rumours that sometimes when a child is ready to move out of nappies and use the toilet they just do it, like that, all on their own. I had thought it was a load of bollocks really but I decided that it leant itself well to my lazy relaxed style of parenting so I hadn’t pressured Sun into using the toilet, despite my mother asking almost weekly whether he was toilet trained yet.

He did ask for a potty about 6 months ago just after Shine was born and he had twigged that it was a sure way to get my attention even when I was breastfeeding his little sister. But he clearly wasn’t ready as I’d spend a lot of time clearing up puddles so I quietly removed the potty from the lounge and brought back the nappies.

Fast forward to last Monday when Sun asked to wear his big boy pants and use the potty. Quick to seize the moment and encourage him, I told him if he used the potty he could have a sticker and a little car. I’d just picked up a dozen or so cars at a Nearly New Sale the week before and I’m all for bribery rewarding good behaviour. So he sat down on the potty right then, did a wee and asked for the car. Then continued the rest of the day to use the potty. By the evening I was all out of cars and not an accident to be cleared. I was amazed.

Since then he’s moved to using the toilet, on his own, no bribery needed. Who knew that you could be so proud of weeing and pooing in the correct place at the correct time. My heart overflows with pride. And I will be sure to take the relaxed approach to more parenting matters in the future.

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