The Most Ridiculously Over Edited Photo Competition

Mammasaurus spread the word yesterday about Picnik, the brilliant online photo editing tool, and pretty much ever since I have been lost in a world of photo effects. It feels like when I discovered Word Art when I was a child. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Then yesterday afternoon on Twitter, Five Go Blogging set a challenge for herself, Mammasaurus, Motherventing and myself to come up with the most ridiculously over-edited photo ever and post the results today.

Children have gone neglected, washing is piling up, morning song time at the Library has been and gone and if I don’t stop now and post I’m in danger of having my children removed from my care.

So yesterday afternoon we had a little picnic in honour of Picnik and here’s the original photo:


Then after a 1960’s effect, sme cross processing, focal B&W adjustment, many symbols, stickers and text…here’s the final work of art:

picnik picnic

I think I could have taken it further…in fact I know I could have, but I had to stop many times to feed Shine and entertain Sun by doing things like building a box garage/farmyard. Mister Maker eat your heart out. And, no, no editing of this pic in Picnik. If I did that I might still be editing tomorrow!

box garage farmyard

Go and check out the other entries from Five Go Blogging & Motherventing (Mammasaurus link to be added when she’s done her homework).

Or come up with one of your own…but be warned, normal life will be neglected!

5 responses to “The Most Ridiculously Over Edited Photo Competition

  1. See now yours is nice as well! You can actually tell what the original image was! Ridiculously over-edited, for sure, but still. Dammit! I am going back to the drawing board (well… Picnik…)

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