Learning to share

I was playing with that!…That’s MINE!…She doesn’t like that toy.

It’s started. The toy battles. Until now, Sun has battled for my attention since his sister came on the scene, but I haven’t had to worry about them going head to head over toys. That sweet, calm honeymoon period is over. How I will miss it.

Shine can now sit up and take an interest in toys and it seems to have triggered some sort of anti-sharing response in Sun. Until now, he has been very good about sharing when we are out at playgroups or at other people’s houses. It seems this doesn’t extend to his darling sister any longer.

No, every toy she shows any interest in has to be removed by him. If she is sucking on a cloth book, you can be sure that Sun will need to read that book at exactly that instant. If she is chewing on Sophie, he will need to remove Sophie and involve her in the emergency-car-recovery scenario that is underway in his bedroom.

sibling rivalry

No, no, no, you don't want that tea cup!

I don’t want to get involved in their battles. I’m hoping to let them fight it out, assuming no-one is in any danger of course. It’s exhausting though and I’m having flashbacks to my childhood where we scrapped over things from toys when we were tiny to Walkmans when we were in our teens. This is going to last awhile isn’t it. Considering I can’t expect Sun to fully understand and employ the concept of sharing until he’s around 7 or 8, I foresee a long journey to sibling peace.

Luckily, to counterbalance this awful side of parenting two little ones, they have found something to share that makes me very happy indeed. They’ve started to share some amazingly tender moments at play together. It’s beautiful watching them forge a friendship that I hope will last them a lifetime.

playing nicely

Let me pour you a cup of tea

2 responses to “Learning to share

  1. The concept of sharing may be there at 7, but the 7yo still takes the babys toys especially if they once belonged to her! She takes all hers back, and then the baby is expected to ‘share’ her toys with the 7yo! Unfortunately, you may have this for years and years! X

  2. Glad it’s not just my 3 1/2 year old that does this to his younger brother! People comment all the time on how much he must love being a big brother and it makes me sad to admit that no, mostly he does not. I’m crossing my fingers that he “grows out of it”.

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