Mix-Tape Monday #2

It’s Monday and time to indulge in some guilty pleasure listening courtesy of  Boo & Me‘s new meme – Mix-Tape Monday.

There is certainly one song that I love, love, love but that would in no way earn me a place amongst the cool kids in the music know. Actually this would probably out me as knowing nothing about music and having no taste.

But who cares about musical integrity? Enrique is steaming in this video – he can take my breath away any day he fancies – and I still get a bit ‘motional at the ending. Sob. It is my favourite song to shout along to when a little tipsy. And it reminds me of an awsome time in my life, travelling the world with my man. In fact, I think MTV Asia may have brainwashed me into loving it by playing it approximately every 43 minutes for months on end.

Enough babbling, on with the song:

Now go check out the other entries and discover some other people’s guilty pleasures. There’s even a Spotify playlist on the go so if you like any of the tracks you can make them your own guilty pleasure too.

Boo and Me

6 responses to “Mix-Tape Monday #2

  1. He performed this last year at the concert for heroes in Twickenham and there were a few soldiers standing around us that were really moved. After that it’s kinda lost it’s cheesiness for me x

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