Wot so Funee?

Wot So Funee?


I don’t think it’s a conincidence that lots of my child’s funees come at moments when I am nearing the end of my tether and in need of a laugh! This morning both my monkeys were awake early so I staggered into the lounge with them, popped Shine on her playmat and I snuggled up on the couch in an attempt to see how long I could delay the start of the day.

Shine started rolling around as soon as I put her down as she’s enjoying being able to propel herself this way and that. Sun has been watching her roll and has decided it looks like fun so a few times a day I find him rolling about the place laughing.

This morning he saw me watching him rolling around and asked, “Do you want to roll with me?”

I smiled and answered, “No, not really, thanks.”

He replied, “Why? You like rolling around on the floor.”

I’m not sure how he knows this! It has been a long time since I rolled about on the floor. 😉

Did your children make you laugh this week too? Head over to Actually Mummy and join in with her brilliant meme, Wot so Funee?

Or just go read other people’s funees if you’re in need of a laugh.

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