I Bloody Love Fondue

Yes, I do. Fondue – my goodness, whoever decided it was perfectly acceptable to melt down a few kilograms of cheesy deliciousness, add garlic and wine, and then eat the lot with an absurd amount of bread is my hero. I tried to find out if there is a Monsieur or Madame Fondue I can build a shrine to honour but alas, Wikipedia has let me down.


I bloody love fondue. Oh yes I do. I love you, fondue!

I just got back from Geneva and even though I was only gone three days, it feels like it was much longer. That’s the sign of a good break isn’t it! Bird did an amazing job of keeping the three of them alive. No trips to A&E were needed and he only forgot to feed Shine once. In summary, a stellar display of solo parenting.

Where I was staying (just on the Frenchy side of the border) was beautiful and there was the added bonus that it was colder there than here in the UK so I feel like I’ve come home to balmy late Autumn weather. Winner!

No time to record the minute details, babies to be cuddled and washing to be done but here’s a little collage (grace a Picnik, oui, oui, merci) of what I got up to.

horses wine cheese bed

Cheese, cheese and more cheese. Washed down with wine. I happened to time my visit well as it was Beaujolais Nouveau time and this year’s offering is a corker (ba, ba, boom, tish). I couldn’t possibly say no to the cultural experience and turn down a cheeky wine tasting (well before midday) at the local farmers market. In an attempt to balance out the wine, cheese and chocolate consumption we headed out into the countryside for some brisk walking. Found some amazing horses and cows to say howdy-doody to. If I was craving space, the views to the alps certainly provided.

And the bed? Ah yes. Glorious sleep. A hotel room that was amazing and most importantly did not come with a small baby needing feeding and cuddling throughout the night. Heaven on earth. Switzerland: go now, with or without children! Pack elasticated trousers and woolly bed socks for comfy breaks between glamourous moments.

7 responses to “I Bloody Love Fondue

  1. that looks yummy, hope you had a fabby time but it looks like you did. I’m supping wine in the exec lounge in amsterdam while daddy baths and puts LPV to bed, bloody awesome

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