Totally Touched Out

I remember reading somewhere ages ago that the reason little children wriggle and fidget constantly is because they learn through kinetic feedback. I just did a little hunting and couldn’t find anything to back that up (in the whole 3 minutes I looked), sorry. I did find out about kinesthetic learning though. Very interesting.

Anyway, I digress.

Why can’t I have children who sit and become wiser by just observing the world around them? I don’t think that constantly jiggling on my lap is making Sun any brighter. Maybe I am being a little harsh.

Since I’ve been back from my petit break, both Sun and Shine have been very clingy. I think they’re trying to make up for lost time. Even as I’m typing this, Sun is sitting on my lap wedged between my chest and my typing arm and he’s swinging his left leg back and forth so it’s rubbing against my legs. He’s also squirming his hips just a little and rustling his head around so his hair is swooshing on my chest as he nestles and tries to burrow into me.

Any minute Shine will wake from her sleep and then I will have her balanced in the crook of my arm as well, probably with her sweet little dribbly fingers smooshing around my face as she explores every bump and curve.

This would all be very cute if it was, say, for an hour or two a day. And I’m very aware that last Sunday evening it was precisely this physical contact I missed. But for now, I am all touched out!

That is all!

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