Mix-Tape Monday

Boo and Me

This week the theme for the lovely Boo & Me‘s meme – Mix-Tape Monday – is:

A song from the best gig you have been to.

This one was really tricky. Do I go for small and intimate – I saw Ben Harper play to about 100 people in a tiny bar in DC – or do I go for huge and explosive – like Coldplay playing to thousands on the last date of their X&Y tour in Australia. Decisions, decisions.

I’ve settled on Pearl Jam. Heady adolescence. Camping out with friends to buy tickets. Months spent anticipating. Hours spent queueing to be pressed up against the front barrier. Eddie singing Black just for me. Well, that was how it felt. And I knew every word to every song they played. I don’t think any of those things will happen again.

I saw them in Sydney but all the vids I could find are from the Melbourne date, just down the road 😉

Now go and explore the other entries this week over with Boo & Me, there are some crackers!

12 responses to “Mix-Tape Monday

  1. Great choice – I love Pearl Jam, we covered 4 of their songs in my old band’s one and only gig (we only played 6 songs overall!)

    Have you heard Eddie Vedder’s ukulele album (imaginatively titled ‘Ukulele Songs’)? It’s very beautiful. I love his voice.

    • No, I haven’t but I will hunt it down, I love Eddie’s acoustic solo stuff. Thanks for the tip! And 4 out of 6 of their songs practically made you a PJ cover band 😉 I’m sure I would have loved your gig.

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