Snap Slappers Ahoy!

Picnik addiction still going strong here. As Five Go Blogging has said this week, it’s all too easy to spend hours submerged in a world of effects and fonts.

This week a tragedy has befallen the bluebirdsunshine household. Shine’s Sophie the Giraffe has gone missing! Right when she is most needed to help little teeth cut through gums, Sophie has up and left. I don’t know what she’s up to but I hope she finds her way home soon. We miss her!

Sophie the Giraffe Greetings

This was the before shot:

Sophie the Giraffe on Holiday

Check out the other fabulous Snap Slappers work over at Five Go Blogging!

Five Go Blogging Snap Slappers

10 responses to “Snap Slappers Ahoy!

    • Thanks 🙂 I have a sneaking suspicion that Sun has kidnapped her and is holding her captive in his room somewhere, despite having his own Sophie. I must pull his room apart and recue her!

  1. Well it was pretty good before you picniked it! What on earth were you thinking when you took it??

  2. Is that like an ACTUAL postcard?? It totally could be. Reminds me of the French film Amelie, when she sends the garden gnome on ‘holiday’ and takes snaps for the gnome’s owner…

    • No, not an ACTUAL postcard. Just Sophie on hols with us. The lucky thing. And you’ve reminded me, god I love that film. Must watch it again soon. So many sweet little touches. ‘Gnomes’ is my nickname too btw. Relevancy to topic? None! 😉

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