The Gallery – The Kitchen

The theme for The Gallery this week is The Kitchen. I love cooking and I love the kitchen. It’s where I often retreat for a moment’s peace but it’s also where I love spending time with my children, cooking with them or just hanging out while I prepare our meals or make a cup of tea.

The kitchen for me means family so I chose to photograph something from my kitchen that has special meaning and huge sentimental value. These cup measurements were passed to me by my Mum when I moved out of home. She bought them as a newlywed when she was setting up her first home, at roughly the age I was when she handed them to me. How different our lives were though at the same age. For her, it was the early 1970’s, she had just married my father and gone from living at home with her parents to living in a new house with my dad. She bought them from a Tupperware party, of course. They stayed with her through many moves, divorces and remarriages.

I love that I know their history over four decades and I love to think of all the things they have had a part in making over the years. Many christening cakes, birthday cakes and lemon meringue pies. They remind me of sitting on the kitchen bench cooking with my Mum when I was a child. And now I cook with Sun using these measurements. I hope I can pass them down to one of my children when they move out of home. They can become our family heirloom. Who needs fancy furniture or expensive jewellery when you have Tupperware!

measuring cups

Shine is already clearly a fan of them:

baby with measuring cup

8 responses to “The Gallery – The Kitchen

  1. OMG my Mum had those measuring cups in orange!
    They are definitely a great family heirloom to have & no doubt hold many wonderful memories for you.

    • OMG, I’ve never known anyone else to have them! I did see Bill Granger using them on his ‘Holiday’ cooking show on GoodFood the other day though. Bet a Food Stylist bought them rather than his mum πŸ˜‰

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