Wot So Funee? Stickers actually…

Thank you Actually Mummy for starting Wot So Funee? and allowing us all to laugh. I certainly need it this week! So without further ado…

When toilet training Sun recently we introduced the idea of stickers and reward charts. It’s been a revelation for him. It’s all very exciting. This development has sparked two funees this week. I know two is cheating, sorry, sorry, but I can’t pick between them, they both made me laugh.

Sun: Why do Shine and I have to grown up?
Me: Because everyone has to grow up, it’s just what happens.
Sun: And when they grown up they will get a sticker and a special treat!

Sun: Why does Shine only have one teeth?
Me: You can only see one now but the others are all there. They’ll come through one-by-one until she has them all, like you do.
Sun: Ah, yes, and when she has all of them she will get a sticker!

Now go read this week’s other funees over at Actually Mummy!

Wot So Funee?

3 responses to “Wot So Funee? Stickers actually…

    • Thanks mistress! I might crack out the puffy glittery ones when they’re in bed tonight and plaster myself with a few 🙂 Let me know if you’ve been good today and I can post a few your way 😉

  1. I’ve managed to stay away from chocolate all day! Can I have a sticker and a treat?? 😉 YOu off to the Tots too?

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