A Distinct Air of Blah & the Black Dog Tribe

Is anyone else feeling rather blah this week? It feels a bit like it’s not quite full-blown Christmas festivities but it’s the organising, present-making, present-posting stage. We’ve all been ill with a cold that just won’t budge and to add to that Shine is teething again so there’s been a succession of sleepless nights.

When I don’t get enough sleep, time slows down and my mood turns to crap and anxiety rears its ugly head. Monday of this week feels like some time last year. And it’s only Thursday. Not even Friday, so not even close to the weekend. Sigh. Whinge. Moan. Everything feels about ten times worse than it really is when you’re tired, doesn’t it.

So this morning, in an effort to drag myself out of the funk, I’ve been thinking about all that I have that I’m grateful for. There’s my family of course – Sun, Shine and Bird. There’s the fact that we have a roof over our head, heating and food to eat. There’s my lovely boy and my Christmas tree to look at and make me smile.

boy in santa hat

The thing I am most grateful for though is my mental health. Not everyone in my family is so lucky. Actually, quite a few of my immediate family are affected by mental illness. There’s a bit of a pick-and-mix: bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and dual diagnoses. I’m not mentioning this to bring down the mood, more to raise it.

Mammasaurus has spent the past few days writing about her own experiences and raising awareness of Black Dog Tribe, a social network aiming to unite people affected by mental health problems. Mammasaurus manages to write so eloquently on the subject and in a way I don’t think I’m capable of. But I do want to shout from my little corner of the blogosphere that I care. If one of my children end up having mental health problems I want them to be in a world that doesn’t shun them, in a world where people care and support each other.

If you’re feeling a bit blah in the run up to Christmas, spare a thought for those who don’t have the luxury of knowing it will go away on it’s own or be helped by a big block of chocolate and a hug. Be thankful for what you have and please show you care about people suffering from mental illness. Support Black Dog Tribe by visiting their site, their Facebook page or following them on Twitter and sending them a message of support. They are doing a great thing.

4 responses to “A Distinct Air of Blah & the Black Dog Tribe

  1. I was beginning to think it was just me feeling a bit ‘mah’ over Christmas.

    Thank you for writing this and supporting x

    I’m setting up a linky this afternoon for posts just like this one -I’dd add you if that’s ok x

  2. I feel everyones been a bit down this week! Bring on the Christmas Booze! hope you cheer up soon. Great post about a great cause, love the pic of your little one! x

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