Wee Willie Winkie

Wee Willie Winkie runs through the lounge.

Sun has been toilet trained for about 4 or 5 months and until now pants have stayed on at all times and hands have stayed out of said pants, but I knew this day was coming. You see I’ve read about this. Young boys and girls throw off the shackles of their nappies and discover that there’s a whole new world to explore. New appendages in my son’s case.

I came into the lounge the other day to find Sun happily playing with Mr Winkie, pants cast aside, as he watched Jamie cooking up a roast on TV. I had to think quick and so I told him very casually that it was fine for him to touch his bits but he’d have to do it in his room because it wasn’t something we do in front of other people. I was actually quite proud that I didn’t do as my mother would have done and shriek ‘put that away’ whilst blushing and giggling.

So what was his reaction? He looked at me, looked as his newfound friend and said, “I just going to go to my room, Mummy”. Off he scarpered and there he stayed for a good 5 minutes before returning, donning his pants and carrying on as normal.

Yep, here we go then. Let the fiddling commence! I’ve since had to reiterate the request that he take it to his room several times. He is obviously discovering it can be quite fun to explore. And he’s got a lot more discovering ahead of him. I can’t wait to speak to my mother next and scandalise her with my calm approach. Sometimes you have to take the parenting glory where you can!

*** I should add a disclaimer here that I don’t usually call my son’s penis ‘Mr Winkie’, I was just afraid of what sort of internet loons I may attract by putting the words ‘son’ and ‘plays’ and ‘penis’ in one blog post. Oh god, I’ve done it now anyway. Quick, best go change my commenting settings before the weirdo deluge.

5 responses to “Wee Willie Winkie

  1. Hahahahahahaha! I think u handled that really well! I’ve got 2 boys but they haven’t hit that stage yet, lucky for me! And I’m not an Internet weirdo……honest!

  2. Ha! Love him. Heck, I’d be wanting to play with my winkie too if I had one at that age. I think you dealt with it very well indeed – the right balance of ‘your bits, you can touch them as much as you like’ and privacy/appropriate time/place as well

  3. Ha I love that you told him to take it to his room already. Good to start that young. No american pie moments for you when he’s older and still fiddling!

  4. I’m right there with you with my 3 year old. I don’t think he notices he’s doing it most of the time. Hard to be reasonable when you just want to say ‘for god’s sake, just leave it alone’ but I do think you’ve got the right balance.

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