A Snappy Slappy Sandwich

Sun made his first sandwich completely on his own today. He’s been helping do more and more in the kitchen lately and today I thought I’d stand back and see how he got on without any help at all from his (meddling) mother. He did a great job, I was so proud of him.

Here he is hard at work:

Child making a sandwich

I had a terrible fear it would end in him having one less finger. This is what the scene looked like in my head:

child making a sandwich

Thanks Picnik for helping me realise my fears and release them from my mind!

If you’re wondering what all this Slapper business is about, head on over to Five Go Blogging to check out how it all began. And while you’re there, check out the other fabulous Snap Slappers art from this week, or join in, Picnik can be cheap therapy!

Five Go Blogging Snap Slappers

3 responses to “A Snappy Slappy Sandwich

  1. Ha ha, love it! Great picniking! 😀 xx (I remember my son’s first nose bleed, I was useless, thought I was going to faint! :s)

  2. Aaaaagh! That’s a truly terrifying picture. So pleased it didn’t happen.
    Very impressive skills though. Well done to both of you!

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