A Snappy Slappy Gin Den

We’re thinking of moving home soon to a place that’s a little bigger as we’re rapidly outgrowing our nest. As I look at properties, I can’t help but think that what would really sell a place would be if it had a little gin den I could call my own. It wouldn’t need to be big, maybe I can convert a linen closet or something. Knock through a window, soundproof the walls, add a comfy chair, and gin. Come 5pm that would make me a very happy woman indeed.

Some art for the walls might be nice too. Sun painted this for me today:

Child's artwork

I think with a little help from Picnik, I can work this into something for the walls of my gin den:

Children's artwork

Of course there would have to be enough space to have people over for gin too, starting with Five Go Blogging. She started all this Picnik madness and keeps feeding my addiction. Go check out how this Slapper business began. And while you’re there, check out the other fabulous Snap Slappers art from this week, or join in!

Five Go Blogging Snap Slappers

7 responses to “A Snappy Slappy Gin Den

  1. A gin den… now there’s something I’d forgotten off my wish list! The gin inspired art this week seems pretty funky. Perhaps we should start a design studio?! πŸ™‚

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