Nine months in, Nine months out!

Shine is nine months old. How did that happen? The nine months of pregnancy felt a lot longer than the nine months since she popped into our world. I thought I’d take a second to stop and record how she is right now as she’ll never be this age again and it’s sad to say that only by looking at photos of Sun at this age can I remember hazily what he was like.

Someone stopped me and remarked on what a smiley baby I have the other day. You’re thinking, ‘so what?’. Well, no, this is MASSIVE for Shine. She spent the first six months of her life being tortured by GERD (reflux) and smiles were rare. You had to work very hard to get them. Now, the reflux is easing and a content, calm and placid baby is emerging.

I’m not sure if it’s related to the reflux but Shine is loving her food. We have done baby-led weaning (‘lazy weaning’ I call it) and she eats what we eat. Her favourite foods are filled fresh pasta, cheese, clementines, pears and yoghurt. That’s my girl. If I added cake and chocolate to that list that would be my list of favourite foods too. She doesn’t like toast. Wtf? This needs to be addressed, it’s not normal I tell you! She also doesn’t like raisins or broccoli. She’ll come round I’m sure.

She has two little bunny teeth on her lower gum. Buckets of drool at the moment and random screeches in the night make me wonder if any more are about to pop through. At this age Sun had six teeth and number seven was not far away. Apart from the gummy look being adorable, I do wonder why we aren’t all born with our teeth up already. Would save a lot of heartache and pain.

Done with baby toys, Shine now wants whatever Sun is playing with. She loves musical instruments and actually shakes the maracas and plays the xylophone, unlike her brother who just used to chew them. She also looks at books, Where’s Spot? being her current favourite, rather than eating them.

9 month old baby eating, on all fours, smiling

Moving to get to toys is no longer an issue either. We have commando crawling. She drags herself along using her arms in what looks like the most exhausting manner. She can get onto all fours but hasn’t worked out that moving that way might save her energy. I’m not sure she will now as she gets around pretty quickly. She has no interest in standing. If you hold her hands to try and keep her standing she just bends her knees to sit. Excellent! The later she walks, the better, in my opinion. It will take her longer to sneak off and get up to mischief.

I’m starting to think though that pretty soon she will be barking orders at me and Sun all day long. She is working on all manner of sounds at the moment – bababababa, dadadadada, mamamama and, my favourite, bwepbwepbwep. Early indications are that we have another chatterbox on our hands.

Hair! We have thickening, fair hair that’s showing signs of an ever-so-slight curl. Sun was a total baldy so this is all very new and exciting. It’s even got to the point where I’m finding myself thinking about attempting a little trim round her ears. I won’t though, that way accidents and bad photographs lie!

Sleep, oh sweet sleep…no, Shine is not sleeping the magic 12 hours yet. She’s not feeding in the night anymore but now she needs me once or twice a night to reposition her and find a dummy for her. She has slept through a couple of times so I live in hope that she might make this a more common occurence.

It’s scary to think how much she will grow and change in the next nine months. I just hope they go by a little slower. There’s only so much you can stop and try and absorb every second of their growth and development, most of the time goes by in a whizzing blur of routine, with a lot of kisses and cuddles thrown in.

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