Snappy Slappy Shock News!

So no more Picnik? The news this week has hit me hard. Sure there are other photo editing tools out there, but will any tell me they are dusting clouds while they load my pics? Photoshop schmotoshop. It might be more powerful and sure I could lose a few hours playing with layers, but I will miss Picnik’s simplicity. I don’t want my money back, I want Picnik to stay!

We were having breakfast the other day when I read the news and I this is what Shine thought of it all as I tried to break it to her gently…

outraged baby

outraged baby

I’m not sure how we’ll get through this. Lucky there are still a few more weeks to use Picnik and join Five Go Blogging and the Snap Slappers.

Five Go Blogging Snap Slappers

5 responses to “Snappy Slappy Shock News!

  1. Love it! She’s absolutely adorable! What will we all do with Picnik? It’s been a very short-lived relationship for me… 😦 xx

  2. hahaha! Brilliant!
    Funnily enough her expressions there are spookily similar to my own on hearing the news 😦
    I am however researching alternatives. I’ll keep you posted x

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