My photography resolution

This week’s theme for The Gallery over at Tara’s blog, Sticky Fingers, is My photography resolution – what do I resolve to do this year in photographic terms?

Well for me that is to gain the confidence to take photos in circumstances I normally wouldn’t. Taking photos at home or of my children in the park I have no problem with but I often see something I want to photograph but I don’t because I feel embarrassed that people will watch me or I feel intimidated by my environment. When I was younger I wanted to be a photojournalist but fear held me back. This year I am going to try to be bolder and take the photos I see rather than walk away and wonder what they would have been like.

So this weekend I took my car (and my camera) to a scrapyard and despite feeling very intimidated by my surrounds I asked if I could take a few pics and when I got the OK I did just that. I didn’t linger long enough to get exactly the photos I wanted but it’s a start.

old petrol pump

car scrapyard

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16 responses to “My photography resolution

  1. Thats a great resolution to have. I am the same I take lots of my boys, but everything gets forgotten aout now. The 2 photos you ahbe included here ae really good – I love the colours in them. I think they are a fab start to your resolution x

  2. I totally understand how you feel and I think it’s great you made a start. Here’s to gaining more confidence to go and grab those pictures you really want 🙂

  3. Yes that’s a problem I have too. I’ve felt embarrassed taking pictures of a wood pile and a gate. Think it would be easier if I had a fancy camera and could claim to be a professional!

  4. You could always pretend you’re an art student. Wear lots of floaty scarves and say it’s for a project on the cognitive dissonance in nature. Or something. Then snap away. And do, cos you should, your photos are FABBO

  5. Sometimes it just takes the initial courage to step out and conquer what we really want – love the idea that ‘motherventing’ suggested – pretend you are an art student. Take pictures of what captures your imagination and be brave – you have a good eye for composure, colour and content – believe in yourself!!

  6. I had a farmer drive across a field to me the other day, he was suspicious. ‘but look at the sunlight coming though the abandoned tractor’ I said. LOL. I also took a photo of an old garage petrol pump. Well, if he will dump his old stuff near a right of way!! Go for it!

  7. Those are great photos and you should go and take the photos you want, everyone else does! It is lovely taking endless photos of the children, but it is nice to take some of other things too! Good luck with it!

  8. Way to go on taking your first step. I used to worry about taking pictures outside and what others might think. Then I came across a saying on an internet forum that really helped me out. ‘Taking photos is not a crime.’

  9. What a great resolution! I do feel kind of strange just taking random photos sometimes but if it’s of something you just have to capture then you just have to go for it!

  10. Oh you are so right. I wanted to take a picture of the pavement today (yes I am weird) and people were really staring. I did it anyway but felt really stupid. Feel the fear and do it anyway (saw it on a poster once) 🙂

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