Mastering the Flatbreads

A few weeks back I wrote about my failed attempts to make flatbreads from a recipe in River Cottage Veg Everday! Well I am back to happily report an exciting update – we have done it, we’ve mastered the flatbread. I am now totally in love with this recipe. I don’t think I’ve ever made anything that gives such satisfying results.

I’ve discovered a love of kneading too. I can lose myself for 5 minutes and think of nothing but the way the dough feels stretching and sliding beneath my palms. I never knew it could be so relaxing. Sure, after the kneading there’s a bit of time to prove the dough, about an hour minimum, but I’ve been making the dough at breakfast time and setting it aside until I make the bread later in the day so waiting an hour isn’t a problem.

Sun has totally cracked the rolling too. He actually does a decent job on his own and I don’t need to get my controlling hands in amongst the action. If you want a recipe that allows your children to roll to their hearts content, ie not pastry, then this is the one.

boy making flatbreads

To avoid the sticking disaster I had the first time I made these I adjusted the size of them so now I make two small flatbreads to go in the frypan at the same time rather than attempting to make one large one. Also I don’t think we roll them out to the recommended 2-3mm thickness. That was what made it ludicrously difficult to transfer the discs to the pan without breaking them. It doesn’t seem to matter though, making them smaller and slightly thicker still works brilliantly.

After cooking in the frypan you can either eat them straight away with anything slapped on the top – camembert is Sun’s favourite, weird child. Or you can rip them into wedges and use them to soak up yummy dinner juices. They go really well with stews or curries, anything that yields delicious juices really. Any leftovers can be wrapped in a clean teatowel and they turn soft and fluffy and you can eat them the next day. Perfect.

This simple recipe has got me totally hooked on making my own bread. Next I want to try making breadsticks and loaves. Then I am going to get all over making some savoury breads with delectable bits spread through the dough like olives and goats cheese. You will no longer find me on a Sunday morning looking forlornly at the stale dinner rolls on offer at the local supermarket. No, no, no. Making these breads makes me feel all warm inside and happy that I am providing bread for my little family. It’s the little things in life afterall.


If you want to get the warm freshly baked feeling then this recipe should work just as well. Or buy the book, bread magic aside there are some great recipes to be found inside its covers.

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