Things I love about Winter

**UPDATE: Just saw Tara’s post from yesterday on Sticky Fingers about just this topic, so for more things to love about Winter check out her post here**

Well it’s finally here…Winter, hello! Welcome, sit down. You’ve been a long time coming. I was beginning to think, “Winter, what’s all the fuss? I don’t mind Winter.” That was because it wasn’t actually wintery. Now it is. This morning it was freezing in my corner of the world and there’s snow on the ground. Brrrrrr.

So in an effort to prevent the onset of Seasonal Affective Disorder (very aptly abbreviated SAD), I need to write myself a list and find things to love about this weather. Here we go then…

Gloves! In particular the pretty ladies pictured below that I bought last year. They make me feel all Audrey Hepburnesque and happy.

Bright blue Winter skies. I can almost handle Winter and bitter temperatures when it means sparkly sunshine and gorgeous hues of blue. The other morning Sun opened the blinds and saw sunshine and blue sky and said in a very excited manner, “Look Mummy, it’s Summer today!” Bless him.

Photographing Winter. Stark silhouettes of bare trees against whitewashed skies. Lovely soft wintery light that is just perfect for portraits. Amazing sunrise and sunsets. Frost, ice and snow transforming everything. Even the dirtiest alleyway in my neighbourhood looks pretty with a coating of snow. Oh and Christmas lights!

Coats. Winter provides me with a brillliant opportunity to cover everything with a coat. Could be that I’m covering my muffin top or slightly thickened thighs, or just covering my pyjama top as I pop to the shop. Either way, coats are brilliant at making you look more polished than you are. And I never tire of children wearing cute coats and hats with ears on. Babies are so cuddly and warm when bundled into a thousand layers. Worn in a sling it’s like wearing your own little baby-shaped heater. Toasty!

daffodils gloves ear hats sunset soup

Soup. Of course you can make soup in warmer weather but it tastes best when it’s cold outside. Also I feel like the vegetable consumption will help prevent Winter coughs and colds.

Giving in to the urge to be one with the couch. I love that some days the weather is just too grim to go out and I can use it as an excuse to stay inside in my pyjamas and ugg boots and slouch about on the couch. I feel guilty doing this on a sunny Summer day so I am quite happy Winter gives me the chance to indulge now and again.

The knowledge that Spring is coming. I love the anticipation of Spring and the surprise and glee I get from seeing the first jonquil shoots making their way up out of the earth. And daffodils. I love a daffodil.

So for now Winter and I are still friends. Ask me again in a few weeks time though and we may have fallen out. Let me know if there’s anything that cheers you up in Winter. The longer my list is, the better chance I have of preventing getting SAD!

4 responses to “Things I love about Winter

  1. Great pictures and those gloves are to die for – what a brilliant colour. For me hot chocolate and rosy cheeks have to go on the list too. My husband suffers from SAD so I know how hard it is to live with it; he is much better since we moved to France and get more daylight and sunshine. When does your SAD leave you for? Keep smiling, as you have just written you have lots and lots to be happy about.

  2. I like your perspective! I love winter too. Might as well it is going to be here for awhile, so you might as well enjoy it.

    Soup! I’ll take a bowl. 🙂

    Beautiful photos!

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