I love capturing the real

I am absolutely loving doing the 366 Project – one photo a day for a year, for anyone not sure what it’s all about. I love taking photos and doing this project means I always have my camera with me and I’m finally doing what I always set out to do but never quite managed, and that’s capturing my little family just living. Getting photos of Sun and Shine playing, eating, learning, laughing and crying. I don’t want to look back in 20 years time and have a handful of professional portraits to look at, I want to be reminded of what they looked like just being themselves. Cheesy? Mais oui. Apologies for the fromage!

So when I saw that Love All Blogs and Albelli are calling for a photograph of something you love I knew exactly which pic I would use. Not because I love seeing my boy cry, but because I love that I’ve caught the moment that he realised that snow is bloody cold and it hurts your fingers if you play in it without your mittens on.

So here we go, I am sharing an image of something I love with Love All Blogs and Albelli.

snow is cold

Oh and don’t worry, I put the camera down after this snap and he got cuddles and hot chocolate. No children were harmed for this photograph!

Do you want to enter the competition to win an acrylic or canvas print too? Link up your photograph of something you love. Just click the button below to find out more and see what other people love…


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