Firsts…Relax as I stroll down memory aisle

The very lovely lady behind Five Go Blogging has tagged me to find out more about some of my ‘firsts’. If you haven’t checked out her blog, go now, make it the first thing you do after reading this post! I love a little reminiscing, so here we go…

My first boyfriend
When I was 12 I went to a girls school and we caught school buses home with the boys from our brother school. I had a mahoosive crush on this cute blonde boy with the initials H.B. He became my first boyfriend and we wrote letters to each other every day that we’d exchange on the bus home then call each other the second we were home to talk until our parents demanded we get off the phone. God knows what we had to talk about! He was my boyfriend for 23 days, That’s a long term relationship to a 12 year old. He loved Queen and had perfect straight white teeth and dowsed himself in CK One. Still reminds me of him when I smell it now.

First person you kissed
It was HB, at a school dance held in the gymnasium of my school. We stood at the side of the gym and kissed our way through the entire dance. My tongue and jaw ached by the end of the night. I was wearing a bottle green bodysuit and white jeans. It was the very early 90’s and I was only 12, forgive me my fashion sins!

First job
When I was 15 and 9 months, the legal age you can begin work in Australia, I got a job packing shelves at the local supermarket. I had two shifts a week. It was tiny, only had 3 aisles and the fruit & veg section was one stand with about 9 boxes on it. I kept cutting myself with the blade they gave us to open the boxes and it was a smart move really becuase after a week I was promoted to checkout chick! I think they wanted me to keep all my fingers. I remember the supermarket had it’s own ‘radio station’ playing music over the speakers and their slogan was ‘relax as you stroll to the music’.

First pay packet? What did you buy with it?
Hmm, I can’t remember exactly but it was probably about AU$30 (roughly £15). I was on minimum wage and I think that was under $5 per hour. I bought clothes from a shop called Dotti that was very cheap – think dyed lace, floral indie skirts and lots of nylon.

First CD you remember buying?
Well it was a cassingle for me, it was the 80’s, no CDs then! It was NKOTB The Right Stuff. It had a cardboard sleeve, no plastic case, you only got a plastic case when you bought a whole album on tape.

First holiday abroad
With my parents? We went to New Zealand when I was 7. My mum was 6mths pregnant with my little brother and her and my step dad took us 5 kids on a trip travelling around NZ in a campervan. I remember her crying at the airport on the way home. What were they thinking?! I was the youngest and I was teased mercilessly. My brothers and sisters, probably out of sheer boredom, drew all over me once while I was sleeping. I also got lost in a camping site in the middle of night coming back from the toilets and cried and screamed at my mum for making me go on my own. Bad mother. And I got bitten by a rainbow trout when my step dad told me it was ok to put my fingers in the pond and feed the trout. He didn’t think I would actually do it. I still have a scar on my thumb and I can trace my fear of fish back to that holiday. Thanks for that, dear step father. Ah, family holidays hey! Happy (some) times.

What age were you when you moved out of your parents home?
17. Three friends and I left Australia two days after our final exams to go on a three month backpacking bonanza around Western Europe. I ended up staying a lot longer than three months and never lived at home again.

Ah, that was a lovely jaunt down memory lane. Now I want to hear all about your firsts please, Mother.Wife.Me and Mistress Mummy, if you haven’t divulged your firsts already!

6 responses to “Firsts…Relax as I stroll down memory aisle

  1. Thanks for the tag!
    Impressed you moved out so young, how brave! Glad you managed to keep all your fingers in your job.. Although that fish nearly got one. Oh how real the song ‘once I caught a fish alive’ would be, now that would be endless teasing by your siblings!

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  3. I had a full collection of bodies in a rainbow of colours which I am now fondly remembering, mostly because in those days, I also had a waist. Thanks for sharing you memories 🙂

  4. Aw, what a lovely little jaunt down your memory lane that was, I think mine might be slightly more shameful… let’s see what I can remember *creaks brain into gear*

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