Snappy Slappy Luuuuurve

It’s Valentine’s Day and things are getting steamy in the toybox chez bluebirdsunshine.

I’m a total romantic and need no excuse to exploit Picnik and bring some serious luuuuuuuuuuuuurve to this blog.

Here’s the originals:

steamy loving toys

and here’s the love that was clearly there for all to see:

valentine's buses

bunny and bear loving

Loving words courtesy of that old romantic, Will Shakespeare. Much Ado about Nothing Act 1, Scene 1, in case you were wondering.

Got some love to express through pics with the help of some editing? Check out the Snap Slappers Love Edition this week over at Five Go Blogging.

Five Go Blogging Snap Slappers

4 responses to “Snappy Slappy Luuuuurve

  1. Ahhhh!
    The buses look so cute! how is that possible I ask myself? But they do. And as for those teddies, well hand them over! I want a snuggle!
    Sorry for tardy response this week. I’ve been internet-less 😦

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