Searching for home

I’m in the middle of finding us a new home. I’ve mentioned it before, sorry to repeat myself but it’s consuming me. I’m eating, breathing, dreaming property at the moment. It’s dull but necessary as our flat is bursting at the seams. I swore I’d always rather live in a small space in the middle of a big city than in a big space in a small town but I’ve only gone and changed my mind. I blame having children. I think this change has been coming for awhile…I want out of London.

storage boxes

My storage my bathroom

Bird is happy to leave all this searching to me, as long as his daily commute is not too evil, he’s not fussed where we go. So, how have I narrowed down the enormous area that surrounds London?

Well I looked at all the counties that border London and I have gone with Hertfordshire, because I like the name. No, really. It sounds like ‘heart’ and that appeals to me. And it has a train line direct to Bird’s work so easy commute: check.

Then we had to narrow it down to a town or two to focus our search so we went on a road trip to explore the area. One town we looked at had too many roundabouts that all looked the same. I couldn’t live there, I’d constantly be taking the wrong exit. Another town had a high street that was almost deserted, and it was lunchtime on a Saturday. Not a good sign. I want out of London, not out of civilisation.

We reprogrammed the satnav and headed to another town. As we drove, the clouds started to break up and sunlight beamed down in the direction of where we were heading. By the time we got to the town the sun was shining and there were big patches of blue sky. I was sold. I’m not religious but I do believe in signs and I took those pointy fingers of bright sunlight as a sign.

map home is where the heart is

So now we’ve narrowed it down to a town and I’m obsessively refreshing Right Move in the search of the right place for us. We’re not under pressure to move so I’m taking my time and probably being a bit too fussy. If I can’t say the street name then it’s out. If the shower is one where you have to turn dials and press buttons to make it work then it’s out. If the toilet seat is shaped like a clam shell then the rest of the house had better be perfect for me to want to consider it.

I know I’m being ridiculously fussy, and I’m very lucky to be able to be so fussy, I’m grateful we can choose, and home is where the heart is afterall. I think you just know when you see a place that’s home. I didn’t get that gut feeling when we looked at the place we live in now and it’s only confirmed for me that I need that feeling. It has to feel like home.

So little home, if you’re out there and about to become in need of a new family to love you then please shout hello. I hope you are lovely and light and have a little lawn in the garden so Shine can feel grass under her feet when she takes her first steps outside. I hope you have a kitchen big enough for us all to gather while we cook and eat and love. And if the sun is always shining down on you then that would be a bonus too. Too much to ask? OK, maybe just scrap the latter.

6 responses to “Searching for home

  1. Oh good luck with your search. We are in London – Hackney – and I love it most of the time, but do also have the fantasy of moving out to somewhere where we could have much more space than we do here. But I’ve yet to pinpoint somewhere that I really yearn to move to. At least you’ve made a good start!

    • It’s tough isn’t it. I love so many things about London, and I will really miss it when we move, but I don’t think I’m really taking advantage of all it offers anymore. I grew up in a quiet area with lots of open space, woods and ocean and I think the pull towards having the same for my children is getting stronger and stronger as they get older. I console myself that I won’t be too far from London and I hope it’ll mean I make more of an effort to come into London and do things with the children more often.

      • Yes, that’s the thing. When you realise that you no longer make the most of what London has to offer – which is a shame, when it costs so much to live here!! I’ll watch your blog to see how your search for the perfect place to move to comes together.

  2. Good luck with the search; we had that feeling of ‘wanting out’ and ended up moving to rural France…. You will know the house when you see it – it might take time but I am a firm believer in fate and that house is out there waiting for you to find it. We knew the minute we walked into this house that this was the one; we had just come to France for a holiday and returned having bought a house! Enjoy looking round other peoples houses!!!!

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