Snappy Slappy…er, Beach?

Five Go Blogging has been to the beack and drawn her inspiration for this week’s Snap Slappers from her travels. I’m more than a weency bit jealous of her seaside jaunts, even if it was raining. Still looks as though they had a great time and I’m missing the sea more than ever now.

So I went trawling through old pics and found this pic of Sun’s first trip to the beach. He munched his way across the beach.

boy eating sand on the beach

But that is too bright and sunny a photo – I’m in London and it’s February – so I’ve looked to Picnik to take the beach out of the shot.


Been doing any silly photo editing this week? Check out the other Snap Slappers or join in the fun by clicking below.

Five Go Blogging Snap Slappers

2 responses to “Snappy Slappy…er, Beach?

  1. Brilliant! I love the B&W and the frame and you could almost believe he was eating… err… cake?
    Don’t be jealous of my holiday, it was horrible really, no internet for 4 WHOLE DAYS! Yee gads!

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