Desperately Seeking Energy

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Tonight is date night with Bird. We’re going out for dinner to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We haven’t been out just the two of us for months so I should be looking forward to it, but I’m not. It’s really awful but my instinct is to cancel and stay blobbing on the couch, happily tucked up in my pjs come 8pm, watching tv.

I need help! In 5 hours time one of my best friends will be arriving and ushering Bird and I out the door. She has already warned me that she expects to see a dress, heels and make up. Sheesh, she is way tougher than Bird. I know Bird won’t care what I wear, as long as it’s not covered in food or baby vomit – he still has some standards, even after 13 years together.

I’ve just tried on a few dresses and decided I look ridiculous in them so now I’m frantically trying to put together an outfit in my mind that could make me in some way resemble having made an effort. That’s what it’s about really, isn’t it. Making an effort. By wearing something I don’t normally wear and actually looking in a mirror to apply make up before leaving the house, I’ll be making a statement that I care. I do care.

I need to scrape together some energy from somewhere. What happened to the days when you looked forward to getting ready for an evening out? I miss that me sometimes. Namely, now. Oh and I must jot down a few mental notes of things to talk about so I don’t find myself talking about the cute new hand wave Shine has started to do and the fact that I got the parking permit renewed today.

I really hope there are others out there who have the same pre-date anxiety as I do! Come to think of it, I should be thanking my lucky stars that Bird still loves me and wants to go on a date with such a loon. He’s definitely a keeper.

3 responses to “Desperately Seeking Energy

  1. Date night – great idea, do you get a babysitter in or friends come round to look after the kids? We get to go out probably twice a year – what with family not being near to baby sit (although we do have a fantastic surrogate French Granny, but I do not like to take advantage). Trying to find that something special to wear is hard – especially when you get used to the ‘comfy’ look. I bet you looked great and enjoyed your evening once you were ready!!

    • A friend looked after the little monkeys, we don’t have any family close enough to babysit either unfortunately. I’m returning the favour and minding her little one tonight so she can go out with her man. Hope you get a night out soon too, so good for the soul!

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