Springing Forth

Ok, so it’s not officially Spring until the vernal equinox, something I only just found out about. I assumed it started yesterday on 1 March. I must have not been paying attention when we did seasons in school. Regardless, it feels a lot like Spring and with the warmer weather and longer days I have been blessed with an injection of oomph.


I am on power mode of getting things done. If it wasn’t for the lack of a 9 month pregnant belly, heartburn and nausea, I’d swear I was about to drop a baby as this feels very similar to nesting. Whatever is causing it, I love it and hope it stays forever.

Sure, I haven’t had time to blog this week, but in the time I normally devote to writing random thoughts I have got things done that have been on my list since Shine was born. I have cleaned windows, listed things on eBay, cleaned high chair crevices that haven’t seen a sponge for months and had the car washed.

I have sorted insurance, changed phone networks and made a billion other boring administrative phone calls that I should have made a long time ago. All the administration required to run a family falls to me because I’m not working at the moment. That doesn’t mean I actually have time to do it though as both my little monkeys love to screech and squawk as soon as they see me so much as lean towards my phone. You know how it is.

On Mission: New Home I have been on the case pestering agents and snooping round properties. We haven’t signed on the dotted line for any one place yet but there are a few strong contenders and I feel like it’s not as impossible as it seemed when I wrote this post back in January.

I find it fascinating that my mood and energy levels can be so dictated by the seasons. I really do have more of a spring in my step when all around me there are new signs of life and a general buzz about the warmer weather and prospect of warmer, lighter days to come.

This week has seen unprecedented efficiency levels. I don’t know myself. I think date night last week helped as well to lift my spirits a bit. I am going to celebrate my efforts by sitting back and catching up on the blogging week that was. I’ve missed you all. And I have things to Pin. Photos to edit. Fonts to play with. Ah yes, maybe this is why I get nothing done normally. Shhhh. Can’t be blogging can it? Slowing me down? Sucking my time? No, never. It gives me the spark I need to ignite weeks of extreme efficiency such as the one that is wrapping up.


2 responses to “Springing Forth

  1. How productive have you been?!!! There is nothing like the feeling of actually getting things done that have needed to be done for such a long time. I always have a great sense of achievement when I get the filing done, for months the ‘file pile’ gets bigger and bigger and then one day it all falls off the shelf and I know the day has come. But with the kids about it is easier said than done.

    The light evenings are making such a difference here too – the sunny days show me that I do need to clean the windows, the high chair – well that can wait until it is no longer used and I want to sell it, or my mother comes for a visit and the car needs a wash as I think it is white underneath all that mud.

    Sounds like your house plans are moving – that will be enough to spur you into action if you need to start packing. Is that when you stand there and say to yourself ‘where did all this stuff come from?!’

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