Project 366 – 10 Week Snap Slapfest

I can’t believe that we’re in the 10th week of Project 366. In case you’re thinking Project What, it’s the challenge to take one photo a day for each day of the year and I’m snapping my way through it over here.

10 Weeks in and there have been days when I’ve thought wtf am I going to snap today, but come nightfall I always have something and sometimes it’s the days I have the least inspiration that I take my favourite photos. I’ve always loved photography but I’m finding the project so inspiring and I am loving checking out other peoples’ projects too.

For the most part, I’m not doing much editing of my daily shots apart from the quick resize and crop as I’d spend all day fiddling otherwise and do little else. Thank god then for Five Go Blogging‘s Snap Slappers and the chance to pimp my pics and share them with the other Snap Slappers. This week I’ve gone to town on a couple of my favourite pics from the project so far.

Here are the before shots:

baby in snowhood, pink flower, boy looking at spider

And here’s the pimped up pics…

baby in snow

trippy flower

boy looking at spider

Want to indulge in some excessive photo editing too? Check out the Snap Slappers link below!

Five Go Blogging Snap Slappers

5 responses to “Project 366 – 10 Week Snap Slapfest

  1. I’ve only just discovered picnick and only have a month to indulge! It says its moving to +google – what’s the deal then? I’m on that does that mean its just moving house and I’ll still be able to use it? Surely it can’t just end

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