The Gallery – At Peace

newborn baby sleeping

The theme this week over at The Gallery is – At Peace – and this photo, taken of Shine when she was one day old, personifies peace for me. I had hyperemesis throughout the pregnancy and hideous heartburn in the last few weeks so I was so happy not to be pregnant any longer. I was relieved that Shine was here, safe and sound and that the labour went better than I ever could have imagined. I was overcome with the feeling that everything was right with the world. She is perfectly at peace too, sleeping on my legs in the afternoon sun. I remember that afternoon so clearly, a little time where it was just Shine and I at peace together.

Check out this week’s entries by clicking below and see what peace looks like for others.

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17 responses to “The Gallery – At Peace

  1. Newborns all over the place this morning! And so cuuuuute! *runs away and hides from hormones*

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