Shine is One

One year. Twelve months. 365 days. Shine has just had her first birthday. Hooray!

girl's first birthday, cake, cornflowers, retro Bambi

When I saw the theme on Kate Takes 5‘s Listography this week – your top 5 wishes you would bestow upon your child – it got me thinking about Shine’s future and what I want for her.

In the blink of an eye she has grown from a teeny wriggly newborn into a little girl on the cusp of walking. Another blink of the eye and she will be venturing out into the world on her own, so here are my 5 wishes for her:

1. Adventure. I wish that she will want to travel and see the world. Seeing new places and meeting new people is inspiring and I want her to explore and expand her horizons at every opportunity she can. Experiences are the fabric of life.

2. Love. Be open to love. In the words of Morcheeba: ‘Fear can stop you loving, Love can stop your fear.’ Run at love and embrace it every chance you get.

3. Family. I wish for you to feel love from your family, and gain strength from that love.

4. Health. In particular, I wish that you will have excellent mental health. It’s not something to take for granted and life is much easier with it in tip top shape.

5. Dreams. My last wish for you would be that you have five wishes of your own. It’s your life and I want you to follow your dreams. Do what makes you happy.

girl's first birthday party, cake, bambi bunting, streamers


To see what others wish for their children click on the button below:

6 responses to “Shine is One

  1. That’s a great wishlist, I particularly love “adventure” – you’re right, it’s so important to experience it! Congrats on your little one’s 1st birthday!

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