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babies minutes after birth

When I was pregnant with my babies I had the luxury of choosing where to give birth. I sat around sipping tea after pregnancy yoga sessions discussing whether I would use the birth centre or labour ward, which hospital I would choose, whether I would allow the Vitamin K injection to be given following the birth. We talked about whether we should take our newborns to baby massage classes or baby sign sessions. We nattered about local playgroups and where to buy the cutest muslin cloths.

Sure, I had a few fleeting paranoid moments where I worried things might go wrong. I had severe hyperemesis during both pregnancies and without the access I had to healthcare and medication I wouldn’t have survived and neither would have my babies. I did have access though to a doctor and a hospital when I needed it and drugs, and so I’m here and so are my beautiful children.

However, while having babies wasn’t smooth sailing, I didn’t spend any time wondering if I should wait to name my babies in case they didn’t survive their first few days of life. I didn’t worry about them not surviving the birth. I didn’t wonder if a treatable illness would kill them before their fifth birthday.

These are the things women in some parts of our world must think about when they’re pregnant. They are very real worries for so many people.

We are so very lucky in the UK and we often take it for granted.

Annie, the beautiful woman behind Mammasaurus, is running a digital campaign called Blog it for Babies to support Save the Children’s Build it for Babies appeal. If you are grateful for what you have and want to do something to help then there’s plenty you can do – Tweet your support, donate as little as £1, attend a Blog it for Babies event – for more details please visit #Blogitforbabies.

Read some other bloggers’ words on the topic too if you need any further motivation to help.

Please help to raise awareness and support an amazing campaign.

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