On Saturday morning I was feeling a bit mopey. It was lashing down with rain for the upteenth day in a row and I was coming down with an evil cold. Bird had taken Sun out for their weekly swimming date and so it was just Shine and I and a morning to ourselves. If I had been in London I probably would have caught up with friends and for the first time since moving to my new home three weeks ago I felt a weency bit lonely.

I don’t know anyone in my new town. I know I’ll get to meet people but going to playgroup the day before had reminded me that I have to start again. I’m the new girl. Lots of conversations to be had about how many children I have, where I’m from, where I live now. Lots of small talk to be done before you can have a conversation in half sentences, laughs and shared looks. You forget that all your closest friends were once strangers.

Anyway, there I was indulging in a teeny moment of self pity when there was a knock on the door. It was the postman with a package for moi. And what was inside? This little parcel of gorgeousness:

new funky apron, card

It was the closest thing to a big hug I could receive from a lovely, lovely friend who lives far away. It is the best friendship you can have when someone knows exactly what you need – in this case a seriously funky apron that is perfectly, beautifully ‘you’ – and when they need it, without you even saying a word. There is an almost spooky soul connection when things like that happen.

It reminded me that I’m really lucky to have the friends I have. Sometimes friendship is effortless. Sometimes within hours of meeting someone you know you’ll be the best of friends. You feel like you’ve known each other forever and you just connect in a way that’s rare. I think it is those friendships that are pure gold. The friends you know that even if you don’t talk for weeks or months on end, and don’t live in the same city, country or even hemisphere, will still be there for you when you need them.

New friends will come eventually but for now I’m treasuring the ones I have serendipitously already found.

3 responses to “Friends

  1. Sorry to hear you were feeling a bit low and lonely. What a lovely thoughtful friend you have though and now a beautiful apron – so lovely, it should be a dress! It doesn’t matter where true friends are, they are always there for you. And new friendships locally are sure to grow in time…how could anyone resist a lovely lady like you 🙂 Jx

  2. What a great apron, a hug in the post was just what you needed by the sound of it. Friends will always be with you in your heart and there if you need them – you have done an amazing thing – relocating with your family so give yourself a break and enjoy meeting new people. I get days when I really miss all my friends back in the UK, I just pick myself up and tell myself how lucky we are to be living the life we have in France, even if I still find the language so frustrating! Enjoy the car boot sales and charity shops!

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