All or nothing

I seem to have two modes at the moment – all or nothing. Either I’m frantically busy and scribbling lists, crossing tasks off in a frenzied blur of energy, or I’m doing absolutely nothing. And when I say nothing, I mean even the washing is piling up as I slump on the couch watching Come Dine With Me repeats.

Where is the middle ground? The happy medium?

We moved house a month ago and the run up to the move was insanely busy. There were a million things to organise and most of it fell to me to arrange. In the weeks after the move I was occupied settling us into the new area and making our house feel like a home and not a temporary recycling station filled with cardboard boxes.

Then, of course, the second the vital tasks were complete I got ill. The body can be a mean, mean thing can’t it. Sinusitis and children do not mix. My children are very bad at doing anything quietly and they weren’t great at understanding that if mummy had to bend down to pick something up her head might actually explode from the pressure.

bottle of antibiotics

Even in the illness stakes I am all or nothing. I’m either fighting fit and feeling I can take on the world, well maybe with another hour of sleep up my sleeve. Or I’ve got sinusitis with ear and throat infections thrown in too. There’s nothing like sinusitis to force you to sit very still for a few days and do nothing, for if you move or so much as glance at a computer screen your head pounds so hard you feel you might pass out.

So for the past week I have been doing very, very little. Now I need to seek out the middle ground I seem to have lost somewhere in amongst the move and set up camp. Time for new challenges to be set and plans to be made. At the start of the year I set myself some goals for the 12 months ahead and I’ve achieved a lot of them. Now one big goal remains…and it’s a scary one.

Work. Employment. That thing one does for financial gain and personal satisfaction. I need to decide what’s next, focus and go for it. No frenzied approach to this though. I need to give it my all, but not all of the time, and this afternoon I think I might do nothing.

PS. I love that WordPress just gave me the following suggested tags for this post: ‘vacation’, ‘yoga’ and ‘travel’. Thanks for the advice WordPress, maybe I should book myself a trip to a yoga retreat!

4 responses to “All or nothing

  1. Hope you are feeling a bit better now. I could have written this post – am beginning to wonder if we may have been seperated at birth/connected in another life/something else a bit weird along those lines!! I feel your sinus pain…a weak spot of mine too, dodgy sinuses. I’m currently on the countdown for returning to work (two and a half days a week), only 4 weeks of my maternity leave left – aaarrrrgghhh!!!! I hope you have sunshiney weather today and that you can take it easy 🙂 Sending lots of feel good vibes (whatever they may be!). Jx

    • Julie, thanks for your comment. I think there must be some soul connection thing happening as I think the same when reading your posts 🙂 Hope you can enjoy the last few weeks of maternity and they’re not too twinged with sadness at it all coming to an end. Start of new beginnings and all that, it will be fantastic! xxx

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