As they are

Reflecting on last week’s good times in yesterday’s post reminded me that it’s been ages since I wrote about what Sun and Shine are like at the moment. I’m notoriously bad at remembering the little details so best get them carved into this blog so I can use it as my memory when I’m older.

brother and sister collage aged 1 and 3

Sun – 3yrs, 5mths, 28 days

You are constantly sounding out words and working out what letter words begin with then finding other words that begin with the same sound. Like, “‘c’ is for cat, Mummy, and cafe”. You can recognise your name written down now as well and shakily join up dots to form letters.

Your favourite food is macaroni cheese. You told me at lunch yesterday, “you are the best lunch maker, Mummy, thank you for not putting vegetables in it”. Still not feeling the vegetable love then, no change there.

You are doing really well at your new nursery. For the most part you are well behaved (yay) except now instead of inflicting physical violence upon your friends you are testing out verbal abuse. You were in trouble last week for telling one of your friends you would put her mummy in the bin. She didn’t take it well. There were tears and you had to sit in time out. Need to work on that, so I don’t have to constantly remind you that it’s not nice to threaten to bin people.

You have just got over chicken pox and you spent your time in isolation perfecting the art of whining. You took whining to new levels and I had to try hard to remember you were ill and it was just your way of expressing it. You made me smile though when you told me you thought you had caught chicken pox from eating chicken.

At the moment repetition seems to be a hit as well. Why ask for something once when you can ask for it twenty times?

You finally asked for your cot bars to be taken off. We had been waiting for you to make the decision about changing your cotbed into a toddler bed and seems you have given us the signal. Must get around to actually doing it for you now and in the meantime I will start praying that the transformation won’t mean the end of daytime naps. Mummy needs your naptime to record memories like these.

Shine – 1yr, 1mth, 10 days

You can stand on your own! For about 5 seconds. When you must. Otherwise, you’d prefer to sit, thank you very much. Pointing and screeching ‘eh’ noises will work to get most things fetched for you too so you don’t have to move too much.

You can say ‘Daddy’ and ‘over there’, which you’ll say if you want to be carried somewhere to get something.

You love balls (insert childish snigger here) and will spend an age rolling one back and forth and saying, ‘weeeeeeeee’ in the cutest manner ever. But you hate the grass and won’t budge off the picnic mat for hours, even the lure of the ball or my phone won’t tempt you off the mat.

You are all about body parts at the minute, pointing to eyes, noses, ears, toes on yourself and others, and making others point to their body parts. You haven’t put names to parts yet though, any old part will suffice. I think the song, Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes is your fave tune along with Happy Birthday, which you LOVE.

Food-wise, you’re still eating most things I give you and I’m nervously waiting to see if you enter a fussy stage as your brother did around the age you are now. So far, so good. Fruit remains your favourite food group by a long shot. You ditched your bottles and any milk just after you turned one now preferring to get your calcium through yoghurt and cheese. You can use your spoon and insist on trying to use your fork for everything, including sandwiches and grapes. You can manage to eat a plate of gnocchi with your fork but most other things don’t make it from fork to mouth just yet.


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