From baby boy cot to big boy bed

Well I never thought it would happen but it has. Sun finally asked for his cot bars to be taken off and to sleep in a big boy’s bed. He’s three and a half and I have been wondering when this day would come. I had visions of him sleeping in his sleeping bag, with his soft toys stuffed inside, aged sixteen, hugging his knees to his chest, squished up against his cot bars.

The first time I gently suggested that he come out of his sleeping bag and sleep in a bed he looked at me in horror and I was met with a very stern and certain, ‘no’. As a newborn he would manage to wriggle his way to the very side of the moses basket and nuzzle his face into the fabric lining to go to sleep. At six months old he took up the whole moses basket but he loved being in his little cocoon and it took a few months further to transition him into his cotbed, slowly replacing the moses basket lining with a few soft toys that we wedged between him and the cot bars so he could fall asleep.

When I asked him if he wanted to sleep in a bog boy’s bed it was with trepidation as he was sleeping very well, always happy to go into his cot and despite being able to climb in and out in his sleeping bag, without wandering out of his room. I was a little concerned that moving him to a bed might signal the end of peaceful naptimes forever and he might realise he was free to get out of bed and play, or come out of his room and visit us in the night. So I didn’t push the issue when he refused and thought I’d wait for him to raise it with me and take it from there.

baby boy's nursery soft toys books wall hanging quilt

That day came last week. With a nervous gulp I agreed to taking the bars off. On the weekend the cot was transformed into a bed and with it I made a few changes to his room. His soft toys that had been gathering dust, sadly neglected, were moved into Shine’s room ready to be given a new lease of life. Likewise, the many board books that Sun only glances at now and then were handed down to Shine.

The look on his face when he saw his new room and big boy’s bed was priceless. I may have threatened to put the cot bars back on if he got out of his bed when it was sleep time, just maybe. Clearly my threat worked though as I’m pleased to say he’s now on his fourth day in his bed and all is going well. No bumps in the night, no nocturnal visits from him, all daytime naps undisturbed. It’s a miracle.

So goodbye baby days of knitted kangaroos and Winnie-the-Pooh, hello big boy days of robots and dinosaurs. I may have had a slight lump forming in my throat at times as I transformed his room, and Toy Story has a lot to answer for I think, but you can’t stop progress now can you.

big boys bed room mirror robots dinosaurs chalkboardbig boy's bed room robots dinosaurs binoculars

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