Some days you wake up feeling older than others and today was one of those days.

Yesterday evening while we were preparing dinner, unbeknownst to us, Sun thought it would be funny to hide my keys by posting them out through the letterbox. Later on when I was ready to call it a day and take myself off to bed, I went to get my keys to lock up the house. No keys on the hook. No keys to be found. Of course it was the one day that Bird left his keys at the office so we were left with a choice of finding my keys or sleeping on edge all night knowing our doors were unlocked.

I got grumpier and grumpier as we pulled the house apart searching for the keys, knowing that every minute spent searching was a minute less of sleep. To search for something a 3 year old has hidden you have to get into their mind. It took me awhile to remember Sun’s love of the letterbox and think to check there and when we found them in the space between the letterbox flaps I was split between laughing at how farcical the whole situation was and wanting to wake him up and punish him for messing with my sleep.

Needless to say, I was very tired when I woke this morning. This wasn’t helped by knowing that I had a doctor’s appointment this morning to discuss an ailment that makes me feel very old. When did I stop being able to take my body for granted? It used to just work, no maintenance required. Now springs go, cogs rust, wheels fall off all the time. Age is not a pretty thing.

Unless you are fine bone china. After the doctor’s I needed a therapeutic rummage through the local charity shops to up my mood. It was as if they knew I was coming and knew I was feeling down as I asked for cheer and lo they provided. Just look at these lovely old things I scooped up today, the most expensive of which was £3. I’ve been in a pinning frenzy on Pinterest of late, noting ideas for my kitchen and garden, and these finds were just what I was after.

collage of thrift shop finds, china, linen, planters

With my newly thrifted treasure nestled safely under the buggy of a sleeping Shine, I walked through town with my mood restored and rising. The sun was out, clouds parted and blue skies appeared just in time for me, and several thousand of my fellow neighbours, to greet another beautiful old thing – the Queen. Seeing her put me in mind of history and as I snapped a pic of her passing by I could feel time passing. The scene in front of me was just a blip in time. June the 14th, 2012, 10:44:11.

I woke up feeling old and creaky but discovering old gems and being part of a moment in history reminded me that I am young really in the grand scheme of things. Plenty of life left in me yet I hope, and plenty of time to collect more memories and more beautiful old things.

Queen's car

Queen in her car

8 responses to “Old

    • Thanks lady, have moved my keys to higher ground to avoid last night’s disaster! I’m loving the new town, very glad I made the move, so many charity shops and markets I’m in heaven.

  1. Reminds me of the time I was having a picnic in Kew Gardens with my then 2 yr old son, and he decided it would be fun to toddle off and post my car and house keys down a drain.

      • Tracked down Kew maintenance chap, who revealed that it wasn’t actually a 6 foot deep empty drain, but a grille looking down into a secret underground tunnel! So he disappeared off into the undergrowth, and, some minutes later, reappeared beneath the cover, handing the keys back up to me. Relief, and also surprise!

      • Hooray, maintenance man saves the day! Can imagine your utter relief. Thanks for sharing, now I don’t feel like the only one with a key-loving mini monkey!

  2. How about husband leaving the house, taking both sets of keys and locking up – with me still inside? He set off for work, I was seething by the time he got back to release me 🙂

    Glad your day improved though, your treasures look lovely x.

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