A Good Day

Not sure how things go in your family when you’re planning time together but in our family often what is planned to be a great day for all doesn’t pan out that way. Take for example last Saturday. I spent my time last week thinking about what a lovely picnic we would have, planning where we’d go, daydreaming, while the children squabbled, about Bird amusing them while I soak in some sun and peace. Saturday morning comes, expectations are high, I lie in bed thinking about my strategy to get us all up and out of the house before lunchtime to make the most of the day. Then I look out the window only to find it’s pouring with rain and I don’t have a plan b. I start stressing after breakfast when Bird is still wandering around in his pants even though it’s gone 10am and now my strict plan for pre-outing naps and snacks has gone out the window and I foresee our only family outing of the day being to Waitrose to get bread for lunch. Poo.

It was completely lovely then that last Sunday didn’t turn out like that. It was a good day. It restored my faith in the belief that my little family can make it out of the house before dusk and have a great day together. No tantrums, no traffic jams, no rain on my parade. Just a morning spent picking strawberries at a farm 10 minutes drive from our home. Sun was in heaven as he’s been asking to pick strawberries for a couple of weeks now. Not sure what CBeebies program was responsible for that request but thank you as it gave me the impetus to do something I’d wanted to do for a long time. Shine thought it was amazing. She was in the sling facing out and at head height with rows of strawberries that she thought were all on offer for her morning tea. Seeing the two children so happy and in their element meant Bird and I were relaxed and I had one of those moments where I thought, ah yes, this is why we moved to the country, this is what happy family outings are like.

strawberry picking collage

After the fruit picking we hopped in the car and drove a short distance down idyllic country lanes to a picture postcard village pub for Sunday lunch. Thinking it couldn’t get much better, tucked away in the pub garden was a climbing frame and slide to keep the children amused while we waited for our food, basking in the sunshine.

Family time is not always time spent enjoying each others’ company as we frolic and giggle together. Sometimes it’s arguments, stroppy preschoolers, overtired babies and grumpy, resentful mothers. Not Sunday though, Sunday was a good day.

strawberry picking

I’m linking up to Sticky Finger’s Gallery this week, which has a theme of Family. I know it’s cheating to have waaaaay more than one photo but hopefully you’ll all forgive me.

11 responses to “A Good Day

  1. What a wonderful impromptu wonderful day, one of those perfect moments when it all slots into place and you feel thankful for your world. Gorgeous pics. I want to go strawberry picking now! Jx

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