That’s my boy

I had my first parent/teacher meeting at Sun’s nursery the other night. Allow me to gush a little if you may. Afterall, if I can’t gush on my own blog then where can I?

I was a little nervous before the meeting as I always have in the back of my mind how awful things were when he began playgroup last December. I was so proud then to come away from the meeting having heard all about how well he is doing.

Sun changed nursery when we moved over Easter and it’s amazing to see how a different environment can have such an impact on a child. I’m not saying the other playgroup was pure evil but it wasn’t the right place for Sun and it’s only seeing how happy he is at his new nursery that I realise just how stressful the other place was for him.

boy smelling flowers

At the moment it seems as if I can almost witness his development like a plant growing in stop motion. He’s changing into a proper preschooler. All of a sudden he can spell his name, recognise numbers and question things in a deeper way than ever before. This of course is balanced out by (hopefully) normal 3.5yr old behaviour.

The words ‘smelly poo poo’ are inserted in conversation as regularly as possible, regardless of appriopriateness of situation. So we hear, ‘that’s smelly poo poo porridge’, and ‘do you want a drink of my wee?’ a LOT at the minute followed by hysterical giggling. I almost wish I found all the scatalogical references as amusing as he did as I would be rolling about laughing all day long.

It’s lovely to see Sun and Shine’s relationship developing as well. Sun definitely still needs to work on his sharing but he is in general a lot more protective and loving with her than he was even a few months ago. Sun’s grandma came to visit a couple of weeks ago and as she was leaving she was giving Shine a goodbye cuddle as I was taking Sun back inside the house. He looked at me wide-eyed and said, ‘she can’t take my baby Shine, that’s my baby sister and I love her’. He also told me this week that soon he’ll be a mummy too so he can look after Shine all the time like me. It’s the little things like this that I love about being a parent.

boy sharing ice lolly with his sister

And the best thing about Sun’s report card that I received the other night? His recipe for a Jubilee cake! Check it out below. So proud of my boy. Sure, he can be extremely annoying and test my patience and boundaries to the extreme but I am so in love with this little boy and so proud of who he’s becoming. Gush over, normal service to resume tomorrow.

child's report card and original recipe


9 responses to “That’s my boy

  1. This is so wonderful.

    Ha! Eli loves to talk about butts! He just loves that word butt. Boys!!! We just joined a playgroup today since moving here. And I am so pleased. It’s a very informal one at another woman’s house and I just lit up seeing my son enjoying himself so much.

    • Ah yes, the butt, or here it’s ‘bottom’. Gets referenced daily too! He thinks Shine will really find it funny if he wiggles his bottom in her general direction whilst giggling. She laughs but probably because he looks ridiculous 🙂

  2. I’ve just discovered your blog and really enjoy reading it. I know what you mean about children developing in stop motion. My oldest is nearly 3 and little by little seems to be more in control of herself and what she wants to do (or delegate to me!). Do you mind if I put a link to your blog on mine?

    • Thanks for reading 🙂 3yrs old is such a great age to watch as a parent isn’t it?! They are really starting to develop a strong sense of identity & it’s beautiful to witness.
      No problem at all for you to link to my blog. Looking forward to getting a minute later to go have a read of yours 🙂

      • Thanks! Only just started so it’s quite sparse at the moment and need to figure out how to do all the linky things yet! But am enjoying writing it already.

    • Thanks lovely! Although I’d maybe test out that cake recipe before your next tea party ;). Wouldn’t want my boy responsible for a downturn in your business 🙂 xxx

  3. My daughter had a bad start to nursery over a year ago and I umm-ed and ahh-ed about pulling her out for a while. It wasn’t until she moved up to the next room that she really hit it off. I’ve no idea what the difference was – she was at the same nursery after all – but it’s amazing how perceptive children can be even from a young age and how they find ways to communicate it. Now my fight is getting her to want to stay home!

    • Thanks for your comment. It’s so true, they are so perseptive aren’t they! I know have a little boy who says, ‘don’t want to go home, home’s boring’ too when I go to collect him 🙂

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