Project 366 – Progress Report…

pink flowers

I was just doing my weekly wrap over on my Project366 blog and it suddenly struck me – week 29 – how the fark did that happen? Day 200 of the project has come and gone and I am well over the halfway mark so I thought it high time I did a little post here reflecting on the Project.

I am well and truly hooked. I’ve always loved taking photographs but just as blogging has given me a focus and a place to put the words that swim around my head, the 366 Project has given me a focus for my snapping. The first few weeks I was a bit nervous and a bit precious, wanting every photo to be the most amazing photo ever. A couple of months in and I was finding my only problem was choosing just one shot per day.

Of course there have been many days dotted about that I wake up feeling uninspired but somehow over the course of the day something takes my eye and I have my photo.

A couple of months into the project I got an iPhone and what a boost it has given me. I have fallen HARD for Instagram. I’m not that much a fan of mega filters on filters but I love the community it provides and for me it’s the photo version of Twitter. Having the phone also means I always have a camera to hand and have access to thousands of my photos. If I’m feeling uninspired I need only glance at my phone to get inspiration from others or look back at my own photos to spark an idea for my next photo. The phone has made me even more immersed in the world of photography, which is a great thing.

baby in the snow

What I also love about the project is that I can look back at the photos – I often scan down the Weekly page as I can see all the pics quickly – and the sight of a photo transports me back to the moment it was taken and it triggers waves of memories. My memory is a bit rubbish and works as everyone’s does in that I remember important things but often the little detail gets filed in my memory’s dusty filing cabinet at the back of my brain where it’s hard to access. Seeing a photo I took months ago can remind me of all sorts of things that I otherwise might never have thought of again.

So I guess here I am, over halfway through the project, and I’ve realised that this Project is addictive. It’s going to be hard to stop doing this, it’s become such a part of my life. It’s more than just a photo a day, it’s documenting my life, my family, my emotions…my memory.

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2 responses to “Project 366 – Progress Report…

  1. I love the angles on your photography, very nice. So much detail in what could be just everyday shots, very nice.

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